Soft boiled egg cooking time

The soft boiled egg with bread fingers, its light salt-pepper seasoning, or even with butter or grated cheese, makes most people remember their childhood! The recipe for sof boiled eggs is associated with childhood culinary pleasure and it delights young and old alike !

This half-cooked egg that is served in its shell on an egg cup is an institution in French gastronomic culture!

The only difficulty is to make a perfect cooking so that the white is solid and the yellow remains liquid! You will therefore have to plunge it in boiling water, but neither too long nor less !

✪ Soft boiled egg cooking time: The 3-6-9 rule !

How to cook or boil eggs and the required cooking/boiling time

To cook your soft boiled egg easily and quickly in boiling water, remember the following rule (which is approximate but very practical): 3-6-9 !

  •  Soft-boiled egg: about 3 minutes in boiling water
  • Poached egg in shell : 6 minutes
  • Hard-boiled egg (very firm) : 9 minutes

✪ Tips to make soft boiled egg cooking time a success :

How to boil soft boiled egg :

However, remember that it is possible that 3 minutes may not be enough depending on the size, freshness or temperature of your egg (whether farm-fresh eggs, super fresh eggs, eggs that have been kept for long, medium eggs, big eggs, organic eggs or eggs from the refrigerator) ! Some eggs can take 3 minutes while some less than 3 minutes. Make sure not to overcook or undercook the egg.

For better chances of success, select extra-fresh eggs and never extend the cooking time beyond 5 minutes as otherwise it will become “poached” because the egg yolks will thicken!

Some people put eggs in a steamer or water bath while other prefer to boil it in a large pot. Nowadays the egg cooker in which raw eggs can be cooked is also available.

To remember: The widest tip of the egg contains an air pocket that could expand and cause the egg to crack during cooking. All you have to do is drill a small hole in the egg shell to avoid this inconvenience with a metal toothpick or an egg piercer !

With boiled eggs, a large variety of eggs recipe can be made. Some of them include the egg salad or the potato salad with eggs !

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