Nailing your crumble!

Crumble cooking time

Oven baked 30 min
Frying pan 15 min

Everyone has his own favourite crumble recipe and his little culinary secrets! But one thing is for sure: this British dessert made with short-crust pastry and delicious melting fruit is ultra-easy to make! You will find everything you need to nail this perfect crunchy-melting recipe.

Thanks to our cooking tips to cooking crumbles, make your best rhubarb, berries, strawberry or  apple crumbles! Using the proper cooking time, your dessert is sure to make everyone happy!

Don’t forget that a well-baked crumble with the perfect side dish will be an absolute success for the the afternoon snack or as a sweet delight after a good meal. Our advice is to always enjoy it slightly warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or custard. To add a supplementary yummy touch and depending on the chosen fruits: you can add a homemade whipped cream, some chocolate chips, pecans or grated coconut!

Discover the two crumble cooking methods:

Baked crumble:

  • Cooking temperature: Preheat your oven to 200 °C thermostat 6
  • Instructions: Prepare the crumble (short-crust pastry). Butter and flour a suitable mold. Arrange the previously cut fruits (into pieces). Pour your crusted short-crust pastry on the fruits.
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes.

Frying Pan crumble :

  • Instructions: Prepare your crumble (short-crust pastry) and heat the pan. Put some fat, some fruits, and your crumbled short-crust pastry over it.
  • Cooking temperature: low heat.
  • Cooking time: about 10 minutes (think of stirring from time to time).
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